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Under the instuctions of Governor Wolfe, TLC will be temporarily closed to help prevent the spreading of COVID.We will be calling you to reschedule your appointments.We hope our role in fending off this virus will lead to safe keeping of our precious clientele and faster recovery for our nation. Every partricipant helps. We are all in this toggether.We are taking every precaution to keep TLC a safe place. Sanitation has always been a high priority at TLC, but we are going above our normal routine, sanitizing all surfaces, railings doorknobs, switches, keyboards, telephones and bannisters continually throughout the day and evening.Thank you for your love and support. Praying that all of you will be safe and healthy.We have attached some helpful information on our website and blog. Please feel free to access this information; and as always you can contact us via email or leave us a voicemail at 570-409-1171.

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