Start Off Spring with a New Look

Although Spring started already, now that the temperature is starting to warm up and the flowers are starting to bloom, it’s actually beginning to feel like Spring. Because of this change in weather, it’s time to be off with the old and in with the new – new style, hair, nails and of course, a new you! 


It wouldn’t be a new season or look without some changes to your wardrobe. It’s time to step up your style to match the trends or combine your personal style with those trends to create a look that’s entirely yours.

One Spring essential this year is a floral dress. It can be casual or fancy, depending on the occasion, but we are referencing a causal floral sundress that can be worn around to make you feel warm and happy like the weather. 

Another Spring essential is a denim jacket. This is not only a Spring essential, but a clothing item to have in your closest constantly because they are so versatile. Denim jackets can be worn over a nice blouse as a simple addition or with a T-Shirt to sport a more casual look. They are the perfect light jacket to throw over any Spring outfit to keep you warmer on those not so hot days.

Sandals are a huge part of Spring/Summer style, so you might already have many pairs in your wardrobe. We aren’t just talking about any sandal, though, we are talking about a decorative slide sandal. They are easy to slip on and off while they feature decorative strapping to make them useful for casual occasions or can be dressed up in different contexts. Simply put, they are the ‘jack of all trades’ sandal for the upcoming warm months.  

Tired of wearing the same blue jeans? This season spruce your jeans up by adding some flare with different colors. From rose-gold to white and more, you can buy jeans in whatever color you want! This allows you to rock that new denim jacket without looking like you’re wearing a Canadian tuxedo as well as adding a pop of color to your outfit. 


While your style can make you feel like a brand-new person during this new season, you can also switch up your hair to create an even more updated look. If you’re not sure where to look, we have some basic ideas but it’s always better to get a consultation from a professional to determine what style is best for you. You can get a free consultation at TLC Salon and Spa! 

Our first look is for those with longer hair and want to keep it that way: simply add layers. Layers are a style that can add to your already beautiful long hair by changing it up a bit but keeping the similar style you already love. 

Our next look is for those who are more daring and want to chop off their hair for the new season. A longer bob gives you the best of both worlds, it keeps your hair with some length, so you can still pull it back, but also gives you the benefit of a short hairstyle so you can keep cool during these warm months.

Finally, if you want to really change your style from longer to shorter you can go with a pixie cut. There are many different directions you can take with this style so come into our salon for a free consultation to determine what’s the best one for you. 


To complete your new Spring look, break out some fun colors and give your nails the makeover they deserve. Swap out the dark colors for some pastels to get yourself ready for Spring. 

Shades of pinks and oranges are a popular Spring color and come in different shades that you can experiment with to figure out what the best one is for you. One shade that is perfect for the Spring months is coral because of its warm tones. Plus, pinks are colors that you can never go wrong with.

Light blues and purples are also a trendy Spring nail color. Not only do these pastels scream Easter, but they match some flowers that are popular during these months. Nothing says Spring like having nails that match the flowers in your garden or around town.  

Whatever outfit, hairstyle or nail color you choose, you’ll be ready for Spring with your new look. This is the perfect time to give TLC Salon and Spa a visit for a consultation on your hair or even nails! 

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