Spring Break (or any trip) Packing Guide

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March is officially here, which means that Spring isn’t far behind. Before we get there though, it’s that time of year where many people travel for a week to escape to get a break from the cold weather: Spring Break. Now this annual migration is popular among college students, but we’re not talking about a Spring Breakers type situation for your getaway. We’re talking about a rejuvenating, family friendly Spring vacation. So, if you are traveling this time of year, we compiled your very own packing guide. 

At this point, you’ve got your destination picked out and it’s most likely somewhere warm and sunny. Although depending on where you’re going, it may not be 80 degrees every day. The temperature could fluctuate and get down to the 60s, especially at night. 

Tip 1: Prepare for the weather and pack a variety of clothing options.

Of course, the essentials like shorts, short sleeve shirts, and tank tops will make their way into your suitcases, but you should also bring some long pants, long sleeve shirts, and a light jacket. If the weather cools down, then you’ll be happy you did. 

Along the same lines, bring some nicer clothes instead of just causal wear. Many vacation spots have restaurants that are fancier than your basic outdoor spot and you won’t want to be caught only having a tourist t-shirt and pair of athletic shorts. Packing a sundress or light blouse will be perfect for those fancy evenings. 

Tip 2: Pack your clothes with a mix of folding and rolling 

Trying to fit all your items in a tight suitcase is one of the hardest parts of packing. You’ve probably heard of different tips and tricks to save space and fit as much as possible, and we’re going to give some too. Two popular methods of packing clothes including folding them or rolling them up and one isn’t better than the other. The true trick is to use a combination of both. 

Rolling clothes makes them more compact, since they fit tighter, while reducing creases, but can increase wrinkles. Roll up your clothes that are made of synthetic fabrics (like nylon) as they wrinkle less. Folding clothes makes them neater and are better for clothes that are made of cotton, since they wrinkle easier. However, where you fold will create creases. 

Both methods have their pros and cons, so by using them together you’ll get the most out of your suitcase space and keep your clothes as neat as possible. 

Tip 3: Make sure you bring more than just flip flops

Sure, flip flops will be your main shoe of choice if you’re going to the beach for your vacation. However, there’s more to do than just walk around in sand, so you’ll need shoes to protect your feet from other activities. Include some sneakers so you can keep your feet safe. 

Tip 4: Bring snacks

Whether you’re driving or flying to your destination, snacks are an essential. Airport food is expensive, and you don’t want to have to constantly stop to purchase food on the road, so bringing it ahead of time is best. Plus, airports let you bring food in through security (no liquids though) so take advantage of that!

Tip 5: Don’t forget your hair/makeup products…and other toiletries

Yes, toiletries like your toothbrush, shampoo, and conditioner is crucial for a trip, but you don’t want to get to your destination and realize that you forgot your favorite Aveda mascara at home. Always make sure your beauty products are safely packed so you can rock your favorite looks away from home. 

Tip 6: Save space for souvenirs

When travelling to a new place (or even an old favorite), who doesn’t enjoy picking up a memento from that trip? Even if you think you aren’t going to buy something to bring back, you may change your mind when your vacation rolls around. So, leave a little extra space for that souvenir you’ll inevitably purchase. 

This post can be applied for any trip, even your summer vacation and is the first of more travel blogs, so if you liked it give it a share or leave a comment!



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