Dry Skin and Hair Giving you the Summertime Blues?

It’s summertime, which means it’s time for those long days spent in the sun. Although it’s great to soak up that Vitamin D, exposure to UV rays for extended periods of time can be damaging to your hair and skin. Fortunately, there are many products that can help protect you while keeping your hairhealthy and your skin young.

Hair Products:

-        Leave-in Detangler

After a long day at the ocean, you come home only to realize that your hair is full of knots. And it’s not the small, brush for a couple minutes and they’re gone knots, but full-on size of a small bird’s nest knots. Instead of spending time sitting in the shower waiting for your conditioner to work its magic, get some leave-in detangler. You can still do all your favorite activities while getting rid of your knots, no stressful brushing required.  

-        Hydrating Shampoo/Conditioner

Spending time in the sun doesn’t only affect your skin but you might not realize that your hair can take a lot of damage from those UV rays, too. They can ‘fry’ your hair, which causes it to dry out, leaving it brittle and stiff while oxidizing your color. All these things can make your hair unhealthy; that’s why using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner is a game changer. It will give your hair the moisture it needs, making it healthy once again.  

-        Heat Protectant

Instead of waiting until your hair is damaged from the sun, you can add another line of defense to protect your hair. One way to do this is through a heat protectant; these products can be applied to your hair to reduce damage from heat (whether it be the sun or a styling tool) by adding a barrier and sealing in your hair’s moisture.

Skin Products:

-        Everything SPF

o   Lotion: Even if you’re not going to the beach for the day, the sun is still shining strong in the summer. You can still get burnt easily, and sunscreen usually isn’t on the top of your priority list. That’s where SPF lotions come in. You’ll be able to moisturize your skin while getting some protection from the sun, perfect for those short periods of time spent outside.

o   Lip balm: You may not realize but your lips are just as vulnerable to the sun as any other part of your body. So, invest in a lip balm with SPF and your lips will be protected.  

-        Micellar Water

Whether you need to remove makeup, moisturize, or wash your face, micellar water is an all in one. It draws out dirt and oil without drying your skin, and in the summer your skin needs all the moisture it can get. Micellar Water doesn’t contain alcohol and is still powerful enough to remove an entire face of makeup while keeping your skin feeling fresh. 

-        Aloe Vera

It’s just as important to treat your skin after sun exposure as it is to do so before. Aloe Vera is the best treatment for sunburnt skin since it acts as a protective layer and replenishes moisture.

Your hair and skin need care all year round, but the summer can be particularly damaging because of the extended sun exposure. It’s important to give your body the hydration it needs and these products are a good start to keeping your hair and skin healthy.


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